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new bing 今天总是提示正在尝试连接,请稍候
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好像直接调用 c++20 的 lib,程序运行速度就能快 10%
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现在的 chatgpt 像不像第一代的围棋 AI alphago
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现在感觉 chatgpt4 还不如 new bing 好用了
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ssd 降价过猛,想用 mini pc 连接多个 ssd 来取代 nas
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有没有提示词优化的 chrome 插件呢
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@SkywalkerJi 直接收购一个做镜头的 然后加入计算 很简单
其实苹果可以用顶级的光学镜头加自家芯片和计算摄影的技术积累,做一个吊打传统厂商的产品,可以分分钟教会日系厂商做人。 归根到底,日系厂商走了邪路,拿着 10 倍于 iphone 的硬件,一不小心就被 iphone 吊打。 这年头,还得靠芯片和软件的积累才是正路,日系厂商一直不重视软件(对比一下日系厂商的软件工程师薪资和苹果软件工程师的薪资),该落幕了
@MEIerer 某鱼大把的 还可以用国内信用卡充
@BanShe 没错 就是这个提示 但是我切到丑帝就好了
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回复了 wesleyqiu 创建的主题 Python 孩子学编程是不是首选 C++
学 oi 进不去集训队 至少银牌 升学就没用

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回复了 momo1pm 创建的主题 生活 认房不认贷又要来了
@momo1pm 要求有点低了。自己的房子弄漂亮一点会很舒服
27 天前
回复了 momo1pm 创建的主题 生活 认房不认贷又要来了
@157003892 问题是 拿来出租的房子,怎么可能用很好的材料好的工人,没有好材料好工艺,谈什么舒适
我就是哪个 x86 的 minipc 虚拟机装进去 稳的一劈
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回复了 huangmingyou 创建的主题 Linux 最近用 Linux 小主机做的一些有意思的事情
另外还得 cpu 强悍 内存 64G 以上的机器 才可以跑更多好玩的
测了一个标准的英语高考完形填空 正确率 40% 。bard50% gpt4 95-100% 国内别的几个模型基本上都不到 30% 。已经算不错了 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A 、B 、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 题目是从 41-60 题,共 20 道题
I quietly placed my ear against the kitchen door. Mom had a male 41 ! I peeked(偷看) around. Sitting there was a gentleman, the most handsome man I’d 42 seen.
Mom was a young widow then with three children. My sister was ten, my brother four and I six. I 43 having a daddy. And I knew he was the one. Then I marched right into the 44 . “Hi! I’m Patty. What’s your name?”
Looking towards Mom, I asked, “Don’t you think my mom’s pretty?”
“Patty!” Mom scolded with 45 . “Go and check on Benny.”
George leaned forward and 46 , “Yes, I do. I’ll see you later, Patty. I think we will be good friends.”
George started 47 Mom more often. He always seemed happy to see me and never grew 48 of my endless questions.
Soon they entered into a 49 . For George who’d never been married before, coming back from World War II and into a ready-made family took some 50 . One evening was especially bad. Benny was crying on the kitchen floor. Annie was 51 loudly it wasn’t her place to 52 that spoiled child. And I spilled a whole pot of butter milk. With a(n) 53 look, George muttered(嘟囔), “I must have been 54 to marry a woman with three kids.”
Mom fled to their bedroom in 55 , and George walked out. I hurried to the porch. “I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful next time. Please don’t 56 !”
57 wiping my tears, he said, “We’re friends, and friends never 58 the people they love. Don’t worry. I’ll always be here.” Then he went to 59 Mom.
Over the years, George has always been there for me. I still turn to him with my 60 though he is 85.

41. A. volunteer B. visitor C. supporter D. scholar
42. A. ever B. always C. never D. seldom
43. A. recommended B. stopped C. missed D. minded
44. A. kitchen B. bathroom C. bedroom D. garden
45. A. excitement B. doubt C. embarrassment D. pride
46. A. yelled B. complained C. reported D. whispered
47. A. taking on B. calling on C. focusing on D. putting on
48. A. tired B. uncertain C. fond D. confident
49. A. conflict B. contact C. marriage D. competition
50. A. planning B. pretending C. adjusting D. misunderstanding
51. A. warning B. complaining C. wondering D. demanding
52. A. look after B. depend on C. stand for D. set up
53. A. exciting B. energetic C. curious D. vacant
54. A. talented B. mad C. brave D. unbelievable
55. A. shock B. vain C. tears D. ruins
56. A. leave B. refuse C. approach D. escape
57. A. Deeply B. Gently C. Properly D. Skillfully
58. A. betray B. force C. abandon D. threaten
59. A. persuade B. inform C. attract D. comfort
60. A. suggestions B. problems C. experiences D. achievements

完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)
41-45 BACAC 46-50 DBACC 51-55 BADBC 56-60 ABCDB
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