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Kindle 有手机网页端吗?安卓版的 app 太重了
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请问如何用 langchain agent 模拟 function calling?
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德国有哪些找 IT 方面工作的网站
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如何把 ChatGPT 得到的信息转化为自己的知识
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From ChatGPT, 不知道能不能回答你的问题:

The difference between "to do" and "doing" lies in their grammatical roles and the contexts in which they are used.

1. **"To do" vs. "Doing":**

- "To do": This is the infinitive form of a verb, and it is often used after verbs like "want," "hope," "plan," etc., to express intention or purpose. For example, "I want to eat" or "She plans to travel."

- "Doing": This is the present participle form of a verb, which is used to create continuous verb forms (also known as the present progressive tense). It indicates an action that is ongoing or in progress at the moment. For example, "I am eating dinner."

2. **"Want to do" vs. "Consider doing":**

- "Want to do": This phrase expresses a desire or intention to perform a particular action. It's followed by the infinitive form of the verb. For example, "I want to eat ice cream."

- "Consider doing": This phrase means contemplating or thinking about doing something. It's followed by the present participle form of the verb. For example, "She is considering changing her job."

Now, addressing your specific examples:

- "Consider to do" is not commonly used. The correct form is "consider doing." For example, "He considered traveling abroad."

- "Want doing" is also not a common construction in English. The correct form is "want to do." For example, "They want to go to the beach."

These differences in usage are largely due to the grammar rules of English and the established patterns of expression.
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回复了 frankyzf 创建的主题 分享发现 大家有觉得有意思的播客吗?
和播客类似,十三邀这种访谈质量还是很高的,在彷徨迷茫的时候可能会得到一些启发。有两期印象比较深刻,一期是" [十三邀 第一季] 第 10 期:许知远对话陈嘉映"(哲学方面),还有一期是最近听的 “ [十三邀 第七季] 第 3 期:许知远对话彭凯平 | 你愿意活出什么样的世界?”。
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回复了 frankyzf 创建的主题 分享发现 大家有觉得有意思的播客吗?
谢谢上面各位,再补充一个,硅谷 101|中国版的 ”E119|英伟达与芯片史上的大赢家们:凡是伟大的,都是叛逆的“, 最后的浸润式光刻机发明的故事让人印象深刻。
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回复了 frankyzf 创建的主题 OpenAI 请问如何用 langchain agent 模拟 function calling?
谢谢 @fdwjtz , 刚看到一篇文章,感觉有用,先记到这里
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回复了 jlak 创建的主题 问与答 现在的 ChatGPT Plus 还好用吗?
20 美元说多不多,说少不少。可以先订一个月试试。
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回复了 xianlinYI 创建的主题 问与答 请教一下英语口语如何学习
听说读写是一体的,口语可以尝试 Aboboo ,有口语相关的功能。听力入门当时用的是 ESL podcast ,不知道现在还有没有,进阶搜雅思听力相关的资源就可以,好多类似的网站, 比如
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回复了 lx271896700133 创建的主题 程序员 老哥们,提交代码,用 Commitlint 吗?
浪费写这几个字母的时间可以省很多查找 commit 的时间,应该是很值吧
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