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148 天前
回复了 gsy20050126 创建的主题 程序员 何时才能逃离写 bug 怪圈
@cdwyd 这是初级和高级的区别
173 天前
回复了 damai0419 创建的主题 程序员 询问: 关于咨询 Java 转.net 的看法?
@goodboy95 哥这种简历怎么写,如果你找 java 的工作,项目写 c#还是 java ?
188 天前
回复了 lsy6 创建的主题 OpenAI 请教大佬, chatgpt 用不了了
ChatGPT ●
Help me pick
an outfit that will look good on camera●
a gift for my dad who loves fishing●
Give me ideas
for a customer loyalty program in a small bookstore●
for what to do with my kids' art●
Improve my post
for hiring a store associate●
for selling a used vacuum in good condition●
Plan a trip
to see the northern lights in Norway●
to experience Seoul like a local●
Summarize this article
as a table of pros and cons●
into three key points●
Write a text
asking a friend to be my plus-one at a wedding●
that goes with a kitten gif for a friend having a rough day●
Write a thank-you note
to our babysitter for the last-minute help●
to my interviewer●
Brainstorm names
for my fantasy football team●
for an orange cat we're adopting from the shelter●
Help me debug
why the linked list appears empty after I've reversed it●
a Python script automating daily reports●
Draft an email
to request a quote from local plumbers●
requesting a deadline extension for my project●
Suggest fun activities
for a family of 4 to do indoors on a rainy day●
for a team-building day with remote employees●
Recommend a dish
to bring to a potluck●
to impress a date who's a picky eater●
ChatGPT ●
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201 天前
回复了 williamshan 创建的主题 程序员 Java 转 GO 还是 Rust
@kirito41dd 大佬有什么新手学 go 的一些方法吗,不喜欢看官方文档,看不懂。指条路谢谢
201 天前
回复了 williamshan 创建的主题 程序员 Java 转 GO 还是 Rust
@lysS 哥能指点一下吗?不喜欢看官方文档看不懂,麻烦指条路
211 天前
回复了 Hanson666 创建的主题 问与答 有多少人在电脑上下载了洋葱浏览器
zlib 和下载洋葱浏览器有什么关系?有没有大佬给科普一下
227 天前
回复了 aPaul 创建的主题 macOS Mac 有什么好用的 p 图软件
妈的 1.3kstar 说没有 star🫵🏿
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