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SMB ,加装 10 Gbps 网卡的群晖上传大文件有缓部分能到 7 、800 MB/s
22 天前
回复了 qping 创建的主题 问与答 AM5 有支持 ECC 的主板吗
ASRock B650M PG Riptide WiFi 亲测可以,插的两根 Micron 32G DDR5-4800 ECC UDIMM (MTC20C2085S1EC48BA1),7900X. ASRock 的 AM5/AM4 主板似乎普遍有 side-band ECC 布线

# dmidecode -t memory
Handle 0x0033, DMI type 17, 92 bytes
Memory Device
Array Handle: 0x002E
Error Information Handle: 0x0032
Total Width: 72 bits
Data Width: 64 bits
Size: 32 GB
Form Factor: DIMM
Set: None
Locator: DIMM 1
Bank Locator: P0 CHANNEL A
Type Detail: Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered)
Speed: 4800 MT/s
Manufacturer: Micron Technology
Serial Number:
Asset Tag: Not Specified
Part Number: MTC20C2085S1EC48BA1
Rank: 2
Configured Memory Speed: 4800 MT/s
Minimum Voltage: 1.1 V
Maximum Voltage: 1.1 V
Configured Voltage: 1.1 V
Memory Technology: DRAM
Memory Operating Mode Capability: Volatile memory
Firmware Version: Unknown
Module Manufacturer ID: Bank 1, Hex 0x2C
Module Product ID: Unknown
Memory Subsystem Controller Manufacturer ID: Unknown
Memory Subsystem Controller Product ID: Unknown
Non-Volatile Size: None
Volatile Size: 32 GB
Cache Size: None
Logical Size: None
> In electronic storage: Adding information to RAM, SSDs, flash memory, etc. — that is, storing a 1, instead of a 0 — requires storing an electric charge. Each electron has a very small weight (something like 9.10938215 × 10−31 kg), so adding electrons does mean adding a tiny amount of weight.
61 天前
回复了 Cineray 创建的主题 程序员 现在的 Z790 能不能上 4*32G 高频内存?
13 代 4x32GB 6000 CL30 能是能开机但是大概率还是不稳定,6000 MT/s 跑 memtest86 出错:
69 天前
回复了 Danswerme 创建的主题 问与答 求推荐 x86 小主机以及虚拟化系统
N5105 亲测可以 32GB

87 天前
回复了 nigga 创建的主题 路由器 什么电脑网卡现在能支持协商 4800Mbps?
AX210 理论极限只有 2400 Mbps (2x2 MIMO, 160 MHz channel)

AX411 支持 2.4GHz + 5/6GHz 双连接,合起来也只有理论 3000 Mbps

目前不存在单张消费级 4x4 无线网卡,有的话可以 4800 Mbps. 年底出 Wi-Fi 7 了说不定会有

客服说的 4800 Mbps 应该是路由器多组天线加起来的速率,不是单个客户端能达到的速率

追求速度+稳定+双工的话老老实实上 10G 有线组网
@wps353 是说测试发现 UA string 改 11 后一堆网页无法正常加载。略微提升隐私是副产品
> Mozilla's Firefox team and Apple's Safari team have encountered a long tail of broken web content when the user agent string reports "Mac OS X 11_0_0" - basically, any macOS major version greater than 10. Per , both browsers have capped the reported macOS version to 10_15_7 to both work around this, and also slightly increase user privacy.
119 天前
回复了 absinthe 创建的主题 macOS macOS 13.2 为什么不支持 144Hz HDR 了?
和显示器型号有关,27GP950 144 Hz HDR 可以正常开启

VRR 48-144 Hz 开 HDR 也无问题..

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